IZOputos® is the bi-component polyurethane system (polyol and isocyanate) designed to achieve hard closed-pore thermal insulation foam.

IZOputos® is sprayed with the use of high-pressure equipment heating the components and mixing them in voluminous proportion 1:1. The main application of the foam is thermal, hydro- and acoustic insulation of industrial or civil buildings, houses, farms, ships, containers, refrigerators, etc.

IZOputos® is manufactured directly in the customer’s site in consideration of object characteristics or customer requests by selectively using raw materials by LACKFA, the manufacturer well-known throughout Europe.

IZOputos® is obtained by mixing the raw materials and spraying them with special equipment directly in the object to be thermal insulated. The material forms the smooth and even insulation layer without seams or spaces, thus any object can be insulated without any thermal bridges. Since the material adheres to surface leaving no spaces, the spray foam is a perfect solution for different types and shapes of surfaces.

Multiple applications of the IZOputos® system cover flat roofing of new constructions, flat roof sanation in old buildings as well as various industrial structures. Applications of IZOputos® are not limited to mounting outer covers of a roof. Thanks to technical preparation characteristics of the system IZOputos® fit for mounting the lower or inner side of a roof equally well. The same applies to inner and outer walls and thermal insulation of both floors and ceilings.

Preparation technology and cost-efficiency of IZOputos® for the inside use is much better than those of other insulation materials.

Thanks to the closed-pore structure the IZOputos® system is water-resistant and thus protective from weather and temperature effects. In case the system is used for external layers of the flat roofs the foam is coated with UV protection layer.

Since preparation of the liquid reactive mixture is easy, the foam can fill various profiles (for example, profiles of roll blinds and window profiles) and shapes.

IZOputos is the best choice for modern architects, designers, household managers, construction companies and other business subjects.


IZOputos® is the best choice for modern architects, designers, household managers, construction companies and other business subjects. It is the choice for professionals, who care for a long-term cooperation and customer welfare rather than a one-day transaction.

IZOputos® allow you stay secure about the quality and durability of thermal insulation.

Areas of application of IZOputos® are almost any surfaces of flat and sloped roofs, ceilings, walls, hatches, recesses and floors.


Current and future power saving and environmental requirements will undoubtedly have huge effect on newly constructed and old buildings. Thermal insulation and building and roof sealing is of particular importance in such context.

From the point of view of constructional physics roofs are the structures of buildings undergoing the heaviest load.

Roofs have to withstand heat and cold, drought and humidity as well as storms and snow loads, and remain hermetic as well as maintain reliable thermal insulation for decades.

IZOputos® is meant for modern and cost-efficient insulation compliant to environmental and power saving standards.

esses and floors.


Advantages of IZOputos®

Seamless and gapless thermal insulation. Maximum thermal insulation efficiency

The sprayed IZOputos® forms a solid and seamless layer without the power-wasting thermal bridges. IZOputos® features low heat conduction unrivalled by any other typical insulation material.

Thin layer and low weight of insulation material

Precious space is saved. Thanks to low weight of IZOputos® constructions are merely loaded additionally. This guarantees higher safety of the flat roofs, for examples, when they undergo heavy loads of snow. Cost-saving due to thin layer required! Contact our specialist to learn estimate costs of your project.

Thermal insulation of difficult to reach constructions

Thanks to the “liquid” application critical, hard to reach or arched areas can easily be thermal insulated and there is no need for cutting.

Excellent adherence to any base

IZOputos® adheres like a second skin and fits for almost any base, for example, slate, trapezium steel sheets or wood panels.

Easy transportation and lower need for storage area

IZOputos® turns to a liquid mixture right on your construction site and thus it is easy to transport and store on site without taking huge areas for storage.

Fast application

An experienced team with the IZOputos® spraying device can cover over 500 m2 of roof area a day.

Extends service time of buildings

Hard, stable and closed-pored IZOputos® undoubtedly improves construction and service time of any building.

Reliable and qualified application

Certified and experienced specialists guarantee accurate and reliable application of IZOputos®.